How To Make Your Own Magnetic “Ferro” Fluid – Video


Making your own FerroFluid is cool. This video shows you how and it’s not that hard. All you need is a rare earth magnet, laser printer toner fluid and some vegetable oil.

Simple Airsoft Machine Blow Gun


KipKay bring us another easy hack. What is needed a pen, airsoft pellets and medicine bottle. Assemble then have fun pelting your friends with a stream of plastic pellets.

Project: Open Door via Text Message


Project: Key-less door entry, that allows the user to open and close a dead bolt via SMS text messages. The project consists of a Parallax Spinneret Web Server, servo motor, a dead bolt and various home center metal parts. Twilio software runs on the web server monitoring incoming text messages and authenticating …

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DIY Outside Air PC Cooler


If you don’t want to waste those expensive watts to cool your PC during the winter, check out this simple DIY cooler solution that harness the frigid outside are to cool your case. A piece of plywood, a scotch brite pad, flexible duct, and a quick connect is all you need. …

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How To Make a Laser Guided Slingshot – Video


Kip Kay set out to make a sturdy laser guided sling shot out of common parts from your local hardware store.

DIY Secure Shocking Briefcase – Video


Get your friends with this shocking briefcase. Another useful hack/mod by KipKay of MAKE magazine – “Booby Trapped Briefcase”

DIY: Black Dwarf 16TB NAS


Award winning computer designer and video guy Will Urbina sets out to make a custom 16TB+ networked attached storage device. Will uses a Quanmax Industrial KEEX-2030 Atom 3.5″ Mainboard (Intel Atom N270) to power the NAS. The clear case angle stacks eight 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green hard drives. His modding …

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Home Built Cotton Candy Machine – Video


Have a craving for some sweet cotton candy, but the fair is not in town. All you need to make it at home is two juice caps, small hobby electric motor and a lighter. Put it together and spin yourself a spool of delicious candied cotton …

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DIY Solar Water Heater, Missionary Style


Something we take for granted in the US is a constant flow of hot water into our homes. Missionary Jake sets up a inventive thermosyphon solar hot water heater in remote Brazil. This kind of system comes in handy, especially if you have 5000 watt electric shower heater, 5000 watts! That’s like …

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Video: Computer Virus Halloween Prank


In light of Halloween today, here is a bit of mischief you can do to your close friends and family members. You can download the flash executable here.

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