The Making Of a Custom Steel Bicycle Frame

FROM STEEL: The Making of a Soulcraft — From start to finish, Sean Walling, owner of Soulcraft shows what it takes to make a custom steel bicycle frame. Machining, brazing, cutting, grinding, welding, sandblasting and powder coating are just some of the processes involved in his craft.

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Made Simple: How Differential Gears Work

How Differential Gears work — Simple tutorial that take the mystery out of what is enclosed in your cars axles.

How To Make A Daft Punk Helmet

Harrison Krix a 28 year old Graphic Designer living in Atlanta shows how to make a real life replica of a Daft Punk Helmet. 17 months to make this gem. [Daft Punk]

Worst Automatic Garage Door Installation Ever – Video

When garage doors installation go bad, real bad: If this is not a violation of every electrical code, then what is?

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Star Wars: DIY Pulse Laser Gun MK II

German hacker Patrick Priebe puts together his amazing Pulse Laser gun. It is capable of shooting trough metal, plastic and wood. With a 70 hour manufacture time, it mike take him a while to build you one. [HackedGadgets]

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Primer: Magnet Madness

Basic primer: Kipkay shows the many wonderful uses of magnets and the benefits they serve in everyday household items.

Geek Beat: Hacker Spaces

Hackers spaces are popping up all around the country. Cali Lewis and Geekbeat explore this phenomenon and the characters who fill them making, hacking and modding.

Simple Airsoft Machine Blow Gun

KipKay bring us another easy hack. What is needed a pen, airsoft pellets and medicine bottle. Assemble then have fun pelting your friends with a stream of plastic pellets.

Project: Open Door via Text Message

Project: Key-less door entry, that allows the user to open and close a dead bolt via SMS text messages. The project consists of a Parallax Spinneret Web Server, servo motor, a dead bolt and various home center metal parts. Twilio software runs on the web server monitoring incoming text messages and authenticating …

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Autonomous Flying Robotic Drones Construct a Structure – Video

Amazing: UPenn’s GRASP laboratory researchers use quad rotor drones to build structures out of magnetic building blocks.

“We tell the quadrotors what structure? to build and they figure out the assembly plan and then build it.”