Vicacopter Tri Rotor Helicopter

Not one, not two, but three sets of rotating blades are used to propel the Vicacopter into the sky. With manual and full autonomous autopilot control modes, the tri helicopter is able to achieve surveillance at altitudes grater then 400ft.


How To Make a Laser Guided Slingshot – Video

Kip Kay set out to make a sturdy laser guided sling shot out of common parts from your local hardware store.

Robotics: Stanford’s Stickybot – Video

Cutting edge: Stanford university robotic design lab is developing surface climbing robots.

Supercharged Nerf Cannon

KipKay shows how to hack a Nerf toy cannon to accept some real fuel achieving grater distances.

Pick The Winner: Airbag vs Microwave

Just some more senseless violent fun of blowing up an airbag inside of a microwave over at DavidsFarm. Do we expect anything less from the guy who brought you the redneck rollercoster.

DIY Secure Shocking Briefcase – Video

Get your friends with this shocking briefcase. Another useful hack/mod by KipKay of MAKE magazine – “Booby Trapped Briefcase”

HTC EVO Hacked, Running Android 2.2 Froyo

The new hottest Android phone to hit the market is the Sprint HTC EVO. The biggest downfall of the phone is it runs Android 2.1 and not the new 2.2 Froyo which is considerably faster, features built in tethering and wireless hotspots.

Their might be a solution insite. Toastcfh on the read more on HTC EVO Hacked, Running Android 2.2 Froyo…

USC Unveils Advanced Robot Dog

The University of Southern California debuts a autonomous robot dog. The machine uses learning algorithms to make its way trough rough terrain.


Welding Basics: Joining Plate Steel

Renowned metal artist Kevin Caron shows you to properly joint two pieces of plate steel using a TIG welder. Caron is a hardcore Youtube user, posting over 100 videos which include a wide range of topics from picking up steel, using tools, installing art sculptures and even showing the process of creating …

read more on Welding Basics: Joining Plate Steel…

Hacked: PS3 Running XBMC

The PlayStation 3 has been tough opponent for hackers. madshaun1984, a PS3 hack forum moderator, is claiming that he has slayed the dragon. This video shows the PS3 running XBMC, although the Cell prossessor has some trouble with the media center software.