DIY: Black Dwarf 16TB NAS

Award winning computer designer and video guy Will Urbina sets out to make a custom 16TB+ networked attached storage device. Will uses a Quanmax Industrial KEEX-2030 Atom 3.5″ Mainboard (Intel Atom N270) to power the NAS. The clear case angle stacks eight 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green hard drives. His modding …

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Hexacopter Demonstration Video

If you thought those 4 propeller drone copters are cool, check out what you can do with 8 motors. It’s way cooler. The Hexacopter can lift 2.2 pounds and continue to fly even if a propeller or two gets damaged. For details on building your own check out Mikrokopter.

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Video: Computer Virus Halloween Prank

In light of Halloween today, here is a bit of mischief you can do to your close friends and family members. You can download the flash executable here.

Wooden Gear Clock Project

Alan Parekh has a lot to be proud of, with his wooden gear powered clock. The PIC based project utilizes an stepper motor to power a series of precision machined gears which rotate to keep the clock in …

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Melting An Ipod With A Solar Death Ray – Video

Kip Kay is at it again. Taking an old projection TV’s fernell lenses front panel and mounting it out in the sun, he is able to melt a huge plethora of items ending with an ipod.

MIT’s Indoor Autonomous Four Wing Helicopter – Video

Cool project by the MIT Robust Robotics Group – Micro Air Vehicle made to autonomously seek out a target without GPS in a tight environment. The MAV uses a real time laser to detect walls in 3D which allow it to detect a window and fly trough it.

[MIT Video]

Video: Key Fob Activated Dorm Door Opener

This cleaver collage student rigged up his dorm door to unlock and lock with a simple automotive style Key Fob.


Weed Wacker Powered Bicycle Of Death

Weed Wacker + Bicycle = Assume leg chewing machine

How to build a weedeater motorized bicycle by Davids Farm.

Super Charged Alarm Clock from Hell

Kip Kay is serious about waking up on time. He adds some automotive style driven horns to his cheap old alarm clock. The results a alarm clock from hell.

DIY Arduino: Interfacing Memsic 2125 Tutorial

Great little tutorial about interfacing the Arduino microcomputer to a Memsic 2125 Accelerometer. Calculating g-forces you can detect tilt, acceleration, rotation, and vibration.


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