Video: Power Laces That Work [Shoes]

Prototype for Power Laces 2 a working demo of whats to come. Power Laces started out as an electronic art project to enter into a online contest. A wildly popular Kickstarter project raised money to take them to the next level. Now they have completed a second version which incorporates the working …

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Variable Speed Homebrew Foot Pedal [Welding]

Guy makes his own variable speed Foot Pedal which could be used for controlling a TIG welding machine or another motor driven device.

DIY Trailer Guide Post Lights

This cheap project shows how to turn some simple parts into guide light for a boat or trailer.

Making a USB Powered Coffee Warmer (Video)

Household Hacker breaks down the steps in turning a old out of date microprocessor and re-purposing it into a USB Powered Coffee Warmer.

How To Make A Cheap Camera Ring Flash

DIY DSLR Ring-Flash build for macro and studio photography. By Motley Pixel.

PIR Activated Light Emitting Dress

Inventor Jeri Ellsworth puts together a simple circuit for a Light Emitting Dress. Activated by a PIR a simple delay circuit activates a set of LED’s embedded in the dress. The Electronics are housed and hidden in an old Instamatic camera.

Video: Homebuilt Saw Blade Slingshot

Slingshot guru takes it to the next level with a homemade slingshot that SHOOTS circular saw blades. The creator Joerg Sprave shows how his new weapon matches up to a common watermelon.

Star Wars: DIY Pulse Laser Gun MK II

German hacker Patrick Priebe puts together his amazing Pulse Laser gun. It is capable of shooting trough metal, plastic and wood. With a 70 hour manufacture time, it mike take him a while to build you one. [HackedGadgets]

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DIY Metal Bend Roller

I have been getting into metal fabrication recently. The professional tools are expensive, but after you learn to measure, cut and weld, you can just make them.

I just discovered GordsGarage “Just a guy with a garage”. One of his projects that caught my eye was a slick metal bend roller. Some …

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Photography: DIY DSLR Stabilizer Rig

Photography: Homemade shoulder DSLR Stabilizer rig with built in gun stalk and interchangeable camera base.