Video: Key Fob Activated Dorm Door Opener

This cleaver collage student rigged up his dorm door to unlock and lock with a simple automotive style Key Fob.


Weed Wacker Powered Bicycle Of Death

Weed Wacker + Bicycle = Assume leg chewing machine

How to build a weedeater motorized bicycle by Davids Farm.

Super Charged Alarm Clock from Hell

Kip Kay is serious about waking up on time. He adds some automotive style driven horns to his cheap old alarm clock. The results a alarm clock from hell.

DIY Arduino: Interfacing Memsic 2125 Tutorial

Great little tutorial about interfacing the Arduino microcomputer to a Memsic 2125 Accelerometer. Calculating g-forces you can detect tilt, acceleration, rotation, and vibration.


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Hexapod Robotic Walking CNC Router

This incredible little 6 leg walking CNC Router demonstrates by carving a little head out of foam. For the details on the Robot check out this forum post.

DIY Flamethrower System

Don’t you love how you could do all those things your mother warned you about in the name of science. Heres video of the DIY Flamethrower by Everett Bradford on Youtube

The Pyro System is my final project for a mechanisms class in the spring of 2008. It gives me the power that …

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DIY: Build an Ornithopter

It’s a flying flapping machine powered by a rubber band. Make your own for about $10.

Guy Makes Giant Tesla Coil In His Garage

Think that Tesla coils are only for big science labs and major league inventors? Think again- some guy built one in his own garage.

DIY Glowing Easter Eggs

Happy Easter


DIY Spud Gun

Learn to build yourself a giant potato gun. Spuds away!

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