PIR Activated Light Emitting Dress

Inventor Jeri Ellsworth puts together a simple circuit for a Light Emitting Dress. Activated by a PIR a simple delay circuit activates a set of LED’s embedded in the dress. The Electronics are housed and hidden in an old Instamatic camera.

Knock Off Samsung Hard Drive Fails In Promised Capacity

The old saying you get what you pay for proved true for this Russian man. The guy bought a Chinese knockoff 500GB Samsung hard drive to store movies. When he went to put a movie on the drive, only a small bit was saved each time. The guy takes the drive to …

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Mod: Turn a Cheap Flashlight Into a High End Light Beamer

Oldie but goodie, Kip Kay turns a cheap $10 flashlight into a expensive $100 police light with only a new bulb and a quick battery mod.

Supercharged Nerf Cannon

KipKay shows how to hack a Nerf toy cannon to accept some real fuel achieving grater distances.

DIY Secure Shocking Briefcase – Video

Get your friends with this shocking briefcase. Another useful hack/mod by KipKay of MAKE magazine – “Booby Trapped Briefcase”

Super Charged Alarm Clock from Hell

Kip Kay is serious about waking up on time. He adds some automotive style driven horns to his cheap old alarm clock. The results a alarm clock from hell.

Guitar Hero LED Light Mod

For all you guitar hero geeks, her is a cool mod that adds a light show as you rock out.


Beer Lawnching Mini Fridge

No need to get up when you’ve got a fridge that will launch the beers right to you, icy cold.

How To: Opening the Xbox 360

How to open the 360. Nice video for any of you that want to start modding their xbox 360. This video shows the simple steps to not breaking your case.

Quick and Easy Wireless Remote Extender Hack

This hack improves the range of similar wireless remotes. The hack basically just increases the surface area of the antenna. The only limitation would be fitting it into the plastic case. I have to try this.