Computer Control Waterfall Display (Video)

This waterfall fountain inside a Japanese mall is controlled by computers. Getting those gates to open and close at just the right times to allow the right water flow to make those shapes is actually much trickier than it looks.

DIY Soup Can Rocket Stove

Here is a easy way to make a rocket stove for emergency cooking or heating. The rocket stove is made with a few different sized cans and a little sand.

$3 Super Simple DIY Egg Timer Panning Mount

DIY 360 Pan

I’d be more inclined to add a 1/4 screw to the top of the egg timer instead of the blu tack but either way here is a really easy way to make a 360 panning mount for you camera.

and here is the link Lexy …

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DIY Motorized Camera Slider Tutorial

Cheap and easy camera slider to help you improve your Youtube videos.

Amazing Marble Machines

Amazing video of some mechanical/electrical Marble Machines.

Senior Project: Tracking Portal Turret

Senior Projects: Penn State senior builds a real life Portal turret for his Advanced Mechatronics class.

Tuned: Building The Worlds Fastest Car

Tuned, Californian Frank Profera spent the past six years converting his stock Lotus Exige to be the fastest car on the planet. See how he fixed up this incredible sports car in this video:

Documentary “Cut” Handmade Knifes

Raw sharpened steel – knife maker Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn talks about the human element of craft, and the potential for a skill to mature into an art.

Laser Guided DIY Wrist Crossbow [WristBow]

The WristBow brings geeks comic book dreams to reality. For more information check out the projects website. Now only if their was a rotten apple to try it on.

Video: Power Laces That Work [Shoes]

Prototype for Power Laces 2 a working demo of whats to come. Power Laces started out as an electronic art project to enter into a online contest. A wildly popular Kickstarter project raised money to take them to the next level. Now they have completed a second version which incorporates the working …

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