Hacking a Toaster Oven into a reflow Oven

reflow toster oven prototyping

Surface mounted Electronics are becoming the more and more popular. They are small, cheap and are the preferred method used in most electronics. For the average electronic hobbyist, they also are a challenge to work with. Most the time you need a magnifying glass and tweezers just to handle them. They also don’t fit into solderless breadboards with out a carrier board. When you need to solder them on a PCB you will need some special tools. In the commercial world they’re are reflow soldering guns and reflow ovens. Commercial reflow ovens can run in the thousands of dollars.

Along came this tutorial from Spark Fun Electronics, that converts a cheep toaster oven into a re-flow oven. The tutorial also goes in depth on designing a controller to dial in the temperature on the oven. To the Hack..


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