Making a Panorama Time Lapse Controller for GoPro

GoPro cameras have a fantastic time-lapse feature to help you take great photos. But what if you could up the ante and add a panorama effect as well? You can with a little know-how (or use the know-how in this Instructable). It’s Arduino based, controlling a geared stepper motor to get the …

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$3 Super Simple DIY Egg Timer Panning Mount

DIY 360 Pan

I’d be more inclined to add a 1/4 screw to the top of the egg timer instead of the blu tack but either way here is a really easy way to make a 360 panning mount for you camera.

and here is the link Lexy …

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DIY Motorized Camera Slider Tutorial

Cheap and easy camera slider to help you improve your Youtube videos.

How To Make A Cheap Camera Ring Flash

DIY DSLR Ring-Flash build for macro and studio photography. By Motley Pixel.

Photography: DIY DSLR Stabilizer Rig

Photography: Homemade shoulder DSLR Stabilizer rig with built in gun stalk and interchangeable camera base.

Video: Guy Films Space Shuttle Launch From Airliner

Pretty astonishing, this guy films a NASA space shuttle launch while riding on a passing Air Canada commercial airliner. [PointNiner]