Weaponized AutoCopter

weponized Autocopter

First, to Defense Review’s knowledge, the basic NRI AutoCopter is currently one of the most advanced/innovative unmanned mini-helicopters in the world, and one of the two best unmanned mini-helicopters for under $100,000 (the other is made by Rotomotion, LLC). What’s so innovative about it? Well, for starters, the AutoCopter is…

self-stabilized, using patented “intelligent” neural network-based flight control algorithms (fancy engineer-speak for “automated flight controls”) to allow anyone to fly the AutoCopter with little to no previous remote-control (RC) piloting experience. These automated flight controls make the AutoCopter the easiest mini-unmanned helicopter to to fly, and the hardest to crash. Basically, the AutoCopter’s neural networked-based automatic flight control system won’t allow the pilot to do anything catastrophic (a.k.a. stupid).

What they think of in Alabama. How would you like to see this flying down your street. I don’t know if I would pay 100k for it, but maybe the military will. I wonder how many hunters are drooling over this high-flying assassin. A hunter would never have to leave the campsite to shoot an elk.

more on the Weaponized AutoCopter….

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