DIY Combat Robot

diy battlebot

DIY Combat Robot (battlebot) …

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Short Range Personal Radar Project


Another great project from the guys over at Pyro Electro.

The idea to create a type of close proximity radar system came from a student in one of my classes. We went ahead and decided to streamline the idea into the course as one of the projects we’d build.

After a week …

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Video: Playing Tetris On A Oscilloscope

Video: Playing Tetris On A Oscilloscope

Funny video of some guys playing tetris on what looks like a oscilloscope.

Video: Electronic Tic-Tac-Toe

Video: Electronic Tic-Tac-Toe

Electronic Tic-Tac-Toe demonstration.

DIY High Altitude Balloon


My project launched a payload with GPS, camera, sensors and communications to an altitude of 30km. I obtained most parts ready years ago, but only recently had time to finish it.

High altitude ballooning is an emerging hobby, since price of GPS and communications equipment has gotten quite low. It is an excellent …

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How To: SMD Soldering

How To: SMD Soldering

Nice little How To video on how to solder a SMD electronic component using a wicking/soldering technique. This method is a good alternative to having an expensive reflow oven. This video is made by Spark Fun Electronics, a good place to buy prototyping components.

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Hackers Toolbox: Function Generator


One essential tool needed for experimenting with electronics is a Function Generator. A function Generator outputs various waveforms which can be used in your experiments. Common waveforms are sine, square, triangle and sawtooth which are illustrated in the below picture.

The waveforms can be adjusted by frequency’s, amplitude, and shape. The function generator …

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DIY Function Generator Project


Nice project guide that walks you though building your own function generator. The guide goes thought the electronic theory, the parts selection, the building, testing, and final mock-up of a function generator. If do any electronic work, you will definitely need a good function generator.

Read the Function Generator guide …

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Bendable LED Display

Bendable LED Display

This interactive display would allow for users to talk to the clothing, having it react in different ways depending on how you talked to it. This would give the clothing a personality of its own

Quick and Easy Wireless Remote Extender Hack

Quick and Easy Wireless Remote Extender Hack

This hack improves the range of similar wireless remotes. The hack basically just increases the surface area of the antenna. The only limitation would be fitting it into the plastic case. I have to try this.

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