Cheap Autonomous Robot Drift Car

Cheap Autonomous Robot Drift Car

The fine folks over at Make put together a cheap ultrasonic controlled robot drift car

MikroKopter Follows The Action With Camera Tracking System


These German guys put together a clever project for filming a Wakeboarder on a lake. The six propeller “MikroKopter” sports a camera which follows the action by receiving a signal via an automatic tracking transmitter. The mount calculates the angle and adjust the camera to keep the rider in view.

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Japanese Ball Drone (Video)


This Japanese Ball drone sure knows how to make an entrance. Its single propeller is kinda unique, by the look of it in the video it seems to angle to control the direction of hover.

Remote Control Your Dog On The Cheap


I’m not sure how PETA would feel about this, but being able to control you dog via remote would be amazing. Here Fido!

H2 R/C Car Powered By Soda Cans (Video)


Some Spanish engineers have come up with a radio controlled car that is powered by soda can tabs. The dAlH2Orean H2 R/C Car is powered by aluminium. The tabs off soda cans are placed in the reaction chamber along with some sodium hydroxide. The reaction produces hydrogen which runs the car for …

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Hexacopter Demonstration Video


If you thought those 4 propeller drone copters are cool, check out what you can do with 8 motors. It’s way cooler. The Hexacopter can lift 2.2 pounds and continue to fly even if a propeller or two gets damaged. For details on building your own check out Mikrokopter.

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DIY Combat Robot

diy battlebot

DIY Combat Robot (battlebot) …

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Systm Podcast: Underwater ROV

underwater rov

This weeks systm features underwater ROV’s.

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RC Car Jumps House

RC Car Jumps House

Cool video of some guys Jumping a house with an RC car. It looks like a Nitro powered RC Car. The RC car lands with only the cover coming off.