Laser Guided DIY Wrist Crossbow [WristBow]

The WristBow brings geeks comic book dreams to reality. For more information check out the projects website. Now only if their was a rotten apple to try it on.

Video: Power Laces That Work [Shoes]

Prototype for Power Laces 2 a working demo of whats to come. Power Laces started out as an electronic art project to enter into a online contest. A wildly popular Kickstarter project raised money to take them to the next level. Now they have completed a second version which incorporates the working …

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Variable Speed Homebrew Foot Pedal [Welding]

Guy makes his own variable speed Foot Pedal which could be used for controlling a TIG welding machine or another motor driven device.

Video: Homebuilt Saw Blade Slingshot

Slingshot guru takes it to the next level with a homemade slingshot that SHOOTS circular saw blades. The creator Joerg Sprave shows how his new weapon matches up to a common watermelon.

Star Wars: DIY Pulse Laser Gun MK II

German hacker Patrick Priebe puts together his amazing Pulse Laser gun. It is capable of shooting trough metal, plastic and wood. With a 70 hour manufacture time, it mike take him a while to build you one. [HackedGadgets]

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Autonomous Flying Robotic Drones Construct a Structure – Video

Amazing: UPenn’s GRASP laboratory researchers use quad rotor drones to build structures out of magnetic building blocks.

“We tell the quadrotors what structure? to build and they figure out the assembly plan and then build it.”

Robotics: Stanford’s Stickybot – Video

Cutting edge: Stanford university robotic design lab is developing surface climbing robots.

Hacked: PS3 Running XBMC

The PlayStation 3 has been tough opponent for hackers. madshaun1984, a PS3 hack forum moderator, is claiming that he has slayed the dragon. This video shows the PS3 running XBMC, although the Cell prossessor has some trouble with the media center software.

MIT Unveils Tiny Printable Solar Cells

MIT researchers unveiled a tiny carbon ink based solar cells that are manufactured with a possess similar to an ink jet printer. While the small cells are only 1-2 percent efficient, the potential of mass manufacturing could make up for there lack of inefficiency.

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Wooden Gear Clock Project

Alan Parekh has a lot to be proud of, with his wooden gear powered clock. The PIC based project utilizes an stepper motor to power a series of precision machined gears which rotate to keep the clock in …

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