Making a Panorama Time Lapse Controller for GoPro

arduino time lapse pano

GoPro cameras have a fantastic time-lapse feature to help you take great photos. But what if you could up the ante and add a panorama effect as well? You can with a little know-how (or use the know-how in this Instructable). It’s Arduino based, controlling a geared stepper motor to get the …

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Talking Takeout Container

talking takeout container

This might not be the most useful project of all time except for the creator of it (who plans on using it to make a short film) but it’s definitely one of the most fun. Randy Sarafan made this Animatronic Talking Takeout Container quite simply using an arduino and a servo motor. …

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DIY Arduino Fingerprint Lock

fingerprint lock

Here’s an interesting way to add a touch of security to your door in a DIY way. The Instructable for this Arduino Fingerprint Lock shows how a man added a fingerprint scanner to a door lock. Now he can run out of his home for a quick trip to the store and …

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Modded Gaming System Plays 18 Different Systems’ Games


No need for a room full of gaming systems when you have Project Unity. This Swiss army knife of gaming systems can play games from 18 different systems: Atari 7800, Sega Master System, Sega MegaDrive (Genesis), Super Nintendo, Nintendo NES, Nintendo 64, NeoGeo MVS, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube, NEC TurboGrafx …

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Computer Control Waterfall Display (Video)

Computer Control Waterfall Display (Video)

This waterfall fountain inside a Japanese mall is controlled by computers. Getting those gates to open and close at just the right times to allow the right water flow to make those shapes is actually much trickier than it looks.

Romance Pants with Lights Dimming Zipper

romance pants

With a pair of Romance Pants, the romantic atmosphere in your home is entirely clothing controlled. When the fly is pulled down, the lights dim and the stereo is turned up. When the belt buckle is opened, real candles are electronically ignited to provide the ultimate in technologically advanced romance.

How’d they …

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Getting Started with Arduino and LEDs


You may have noticed I love Arduino and I also love LEDs. Here is Makershed with a great tutorial on how to get started with both.

Arduino Uno & Motor Shield Solar Tracker


Nice DIY solar tracker project using arduino uno, motor shield, 2 servo motors and 4 photocells. Looks like creator will email you the programming if you ask nicely.

DIY Soup Can Rocket Stove


Here is a easy way to make a rocket stove for emergency cooking or heating. The rocket stove is made with a few different sized cans and a little sand.

$3 Super Simple DIY Egg Timer Panning Mount


DIY 360 Pan

I’d be more inclined to add a 1/4 screw to the top of the egg timer instead of the blu tack but either way here is a really easy way to make a 360 panning mount for you camera.

and here is the link Lexy …

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