$3 Super Simple DIY Egg Timer Panning Mount


DIY 360 Pan

I’d be more inclined to add a 1/4 screw to the top of the egg timer instead of the blu tack but either way here is a really easy way to make a 360 panning mount for you camera.

and here is the link Lexy …

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Electronics: Basics of Batteries


Chip designer, inventor Jeri Ellsworth bring us a great video: A to Z of Electronics the basics of how batteries work.

Hackers Toolbox: Function Generator


One essential tool needed for experimenting with electronics is a Function Generator. A function Generator outputs various waveforms which can be used in your experiments. Common waveforms are sine, square, triangle and sawtooth which are illustrated in the below picture.

The waveforms can be adjusted by frequency’s, amplitude, and shape. The function generator …

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