Geek Beat: Hacker Spaces

Hackers spaces are popping up all around the country. Cali Lewis and Geekbeat explore this phenomenon and the characters who fill them making, hacking and modding.

Nurf Maverick Power Hack (Video)

Quick and easy hack to get you Nurf Maverick shooter to fire with a little more power. Increase the toys range by 25%

HTC EVO Hacked, Running Android 2.2 Froyo

The new hottest Android phone to hit the market is the Sprint HTC EVO. The biggest downfall of the phone is it runs Android 2.1 and not the new 2.2 Froyo which is considerably faster, features built in tethering and wireless hotspots.

Their might be a solution insite. Toastcfh on the read more on HTC EVO Hacked, Running Android 2.2 Froyo…

Hacked: PS3 Running XBMC

The PlayStation 3 has been tough opponent for hackers. madshaun1984, a PS3 hack forum moderator, is claiming that he has slayed the dragon. This video shows the PS3 running XBMC, although the Cell prossessor has some trouble with the media center software.

Hacker Plays PlayStation 3 Games From The Hard Drive

Hacker StreetskaterFU shows off proof of him playing Blu-Ray Games from the hard drive of a playstation 3. Although it seems like the end to physical disks on the PS3, the hacker admits that it only works on older PS3 games including Warhawk, MotorStorm and Call of Duty 3. Here is the video …

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Video: iPhone Pwnage Hacking

The guys over at Engaget demonstrates how to successfully hack your iPhone via Pwnage. Like it states in the video, Pwnage doesn’t redistribute its own firmware version, but actually adds patches to the existing Apple firmware.

Hacking you iPhone enables its owners to do what they want with there hardware, getting around …

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Video: Playing Tetris On A Oscilloscope

Funny video of some guys playing tetris on what looks like a oscilloscope.

Simple 12 Volt Battery Hack

You’ll be surprised at what’s inside certain types of 12v batteries and what you can do with them!

Turbine Powered Minibike

Now thats a hack!

Quick and Easy Wireless Remote Extender Hack

This hack improves the range of similar wireless remotes. The hack basically just increases the surface area of the antenna. The only limitation would be fitting it into the plastic case. I have to try this.