Senior Project: Tracking Portal Turret

Senior Projects: Penn State senior builds a real life Portal turret for his Advanced Mechatronics class.

FpsRussia: Machine Gun Mounted Quadrotor Flying Prototype (Video)

Everybodys favorite Russian is back with a special flying treat. What his has is a remote controlled quadrotor copter with a full video display. We have seen many quadroters in the past, but his one was weaponized with a 100 round machine gun and loaded with explosives in case you need to …

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DARPA: Robot Cheetah Breaks Speed Record

Robots are getting faster. Boston Dynamics DARPA project “Cheetah” takes to the labs scientific treadmill to break the land speed record for a robot. 18 miles per hour (mph)

“”Cheetah” robot galloping at speeds of up to 18 miles per hour (mph), setting a new land speed record for legged robots. The …

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Japanese Ball Drone (Video)

This Japanese Ball drone sure knows how to make an entrance. Its single propeller is kinda unique, by the look of it in the video it seems to angle to control the direction of hover.

Autonomous Flying Robotic Drones Construct a Structure – Video

Amazing: UPenn’s GRASP laboratory researchers use quad rotor drones to build structures out of magnetic building blocks.

“We tell the quadrotors what structure? to build and they figure out the assembly plan and then build it.”

Vicacopter Tri Rotor Helicopter

Not one, not two, but three sets of rotating blades are used to propel the Vicacopter into the sky. With manual and full autonomous autopilot control modes, the tri helicopter is able to achieve surveillance at altitudes grater then 400ft.


Robotics: Stanford’s Stickybot – Video

Cutting edge: Stanford university robotic design lab is developing surface climbing robots.

USC Unveils Advanced Robot Dog

The University of Southern California debuts a autonomous robot dog. The machine uses learning algorithms to make its way trough rough terrain.


MIT’s Indoor Autonomous Four Wing Helicopter – Video

Cool project by the MIT Robust Robotics Group – Micro Air Vehicle made to autonomously seek out a target without GPS in a tight environment. The MAV uses a real time laser to detect walls in 3D which allow it to detect a window and fly trough it.

[MIT Video]

Hexapod Robotic Walking CNC Router

This incredible little 6 leg walking CNC Router demonstrates by carving a little head out of foam. For the details on the Robot check out this forum post.