Arduino Uno & Motor Shield Solar Tracker

Nice DIY solar tracker project using arduino uno, motor shield, 2 servo motors and 4 photocells. Looks like creator will email you the programming if you ask nicely.

The House That C++ Built – Loren Amelang

C++ programing pioneer Loren Amelang shows off his solar smart house in Mendocino County. The fully off-grid cabin uses computer monitoring to control and regulate solar electric, water and air.

The home is fully wired with 120v AC and 24v DC.

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MIT Unveils Tiny Printable Solar Cells

MIT researchers unveiled a tiny carbon ink based solar cells that are manufactured with a possess similar to an ink jet printer. While the small cells are only 1-2 percent efficient, the potential of mass manufacturing could make up for there lack of inefficiency.

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Building a Hydrogen Fuel Generator Cell UPGRADE

How to build a hydrogen fuel generator cell from household objects. Nice as an experiment but I don’t think you’re going to be powering your car with this method.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery Powered Street Car

A streetcar that recharges itself during breaking, eliminates the overhead wires commonly found on modern streetcars. This technology could improve and eliminate some barriers from streetcar’s in modern city public transportation.

The Railway Technical Research Institute in Kokubunji, Tokyo, has developed a streetcar powered by a lithium battery that can recharge in under …

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