DIY Soup Can Rocket Stove

Here is a easy way to make a rocket stove for emergency cooking or heating. The rocket stove is made with a few different sized cans and a little sand.

Electronics 101: Solenoid Basics

Solenoids are a key component for turning electrical current into motion. Many DIY’s, makers and inventors alike often find themselves using these devices daily. Pinball fanatic and inventor Jeri Ellsworth breaks them down.

Phase Lock Loop 101

Jeri Ellsworth and Bil Herd discuss the basics of Phase Lock Loops (PLLs). PLL are a essential components in modern micro controllers.

Made Simple: How Differential Gears Work

How Differential Gears work — Simple tutorial that take the mystery out of what is enclosed in your cars axles.

How To Make A Daft Punk Helmet

Harrison Krix a 28 year old Graphic Designer living in Atlanta shows how to make a real life replica of a Daft Punk Helmet. 17 months to make this gem. [Daft Punk]

Welding Basics: Joining Plate Steel

Renowned metal artist Kevin Caron shows you to properly joint two pieces of plate steel using a TIG welder. Caron is a hardcore Youtube user, posting over 100 videos which include a wide range of topics from picking up steel, using tools, installing art sculptures and even showing the process of creating …

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Video: iPhone Pwnage Hacking

The guys over at Engaget demonstrates how to successfully hack your iPhone via Pwnage. Like it states in the video, Pwnage doesn’t redistribute its own firmware version, but actually adds patches to the existing Apple firmware.

Hacking you iPhone enables its owners to do what they want with there hardware, getting around …

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DIY Glowing Easter Eggs

Happy Easter


DIY Spud Gun

Learn to build yourself a giant potato gun. Spuds away!

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Building a Hydrogen Fuel Generator Cell UPGRADE

How to build a hydrogen fuel generator cell from household objects. Nice as an experiment but I don’t think you’re going to be powering your car with this method.