BioLite Campstove Keep You Warm While Charging Your Phone


Wood as energy has been past by as a clean reliable and cheap fuel source. Biolite company introduces the Biolight campstove which can run off wood, twigs or any other dry combustible fuel found on the hiking trail. Its easy to start, runs clean and generating electricity to keep your gadgets charged.

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DIY Metal Bend Roller


I have been getting into metal fabrication recently. The professional tools are expensive, but after you learn to measure, cut and weld, you can just make them.

I just discovered GordsGarage “Just a guy with a garage”. One of his projects that caught my eye was a slick metal bend roller. Some …

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Welding Basics: Joining Plate Steel


Renowned metal artist Kevin Caron shows you to properly joint two pieces of plate steel using a TIG welder. Caron is a hardcore Youtube user, posting over 100 videos which include a wide range of topics from picking up steel, using tools, installing art sculptures and even showing the process of creating …

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Gadgets: USB Bottle Opener Flash Drive


Do you ever find yourself sitting at BBQ and needing to swap some data with someone? If so, check out this convenient little bottle opener flash drive sold by Brando.

This stylish gadget comes in storage capacities 2GB, 4GB, 8GB with prices ranging from $19.00 – $33.00.

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Obama’s High Tech Presidential Limo Made By Cadillac


President Obama will roll into the White House is a new luxury limo made by Cadillac. Sporting high tech security features, the 44th President can rest assured his road trips will be as safe as possible.

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Hexapod Robotic Walking CNC Router

Hexapod Robotic Walking CNC Router

This incredible little 6 leg walking CNC Router demonstrates by carving a little head out of foam. For the details on the Robot check out this forum post.

Video: Playing Tetris On A Oscilloscope

Video: Playing Tetris On A Oscilloscope

Funny video of some guys playing tetris on what looks like a oscilloscope.

Hackers Toolbox: Function Generator


One essential tool needed for experimenting with electronics is a Function Generator. A function Generator outputs various waveforms which can be used in your experiments. Common waveforms are sine, square, triangle and sawtooth which are illustrated in the below picture.

The waveforms can be adjusted by frequency’s, amplitude, and shape. The function generator …

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DIY Function Generator Project


Nice project guide that walks you though building your own function generator. The guide goes thought the electronic theory, the parts selection, the building, testing, and final mock-up of a function generator. If do any electronic work, you will definitely need a good function generator.

Read the Function Generator guide …

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Laptop Laser Engraving (digg logo)

Laptop Laser Engraving (digg logo)

Phillip Torrone from MAKE magazine helps Kevin Rose of Digg engrave the digg logo on to his laptop. That is one fast laser. If you want to see Kevin’s take on the process download the diggnation podcast.

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