Building a Hydrogen Fuel Generator Cell

Building a Hydrogen Fuel Generator Cell

Build Hydrogen Generator Cell With Household ItemsFunny bloopers R us

DIY Motion Activated Silly String Shooter

diy silly string shooter

This week on Systm, the guys over at Revision3 put together a motion activated silly string shooter. They used a common motion flood light to trigger the project. The project also used compressed air and a solenoid to press the silly string can. My only issue with this project, is that I …

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Systm Podcast: Underwater ROV

underwater rov

This weeks systm features underwater ROV’s.

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Revision3 Relaunches SYSTM Video Cast


Revison3 the IPTV company that brings us The Broken and Diggnation are relaunching SYSTM. SYSTM is a DIY type hacking show that takes one project each episode an goes indepth in to it. This is my favorite Internet show because they do some geeky things like hacking Apple TV, making your …

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How To: SMD Soldering

How To: SMD Soldering

Nice little How To video on how to solder a SMD electronic component using a wicking/soldering technique. This method is a good alternative to having an expensive reflow oven. This video is made by Spark Fun Electronics, a good place to buy prototyping components.

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