MIT’s Indoor Autonomous Four Wing Helicopter – Video

MIT’s Indoor Autonomous Four Wing Helicopter – Video

Cool project by the MIT Robust Robotics Group – Micro Air Vehicle made to autonomously seek out a target without GPS in a tight environment. The MAV uses a real time laser to detect walls in 3D which allow it to detect a window and fly trough it.

[MIT Video]

Obama’s High Tech Presidential Limo Made By Cadillac


President Obama will roll into the White House is a new luxury limo made by Cadillac. Sporting high tech security features, the 44th President can rest assured his road trips will be as safe as possible.

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DIY Combat Robot

diy battlebot

DIY Combat Robot (battlebot) …

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Rechargeable Lithium Battery Powered Street Car


A streetcar that recharges itself during breaking, eliminates the overhead wires commonly found on modern streetcars. This technology could improve and eliminate some barriers from streetcar’s in modern city public transportation.

The Railway Technical Research Institute in Kokubunji, Tokyo, has developed a streetcar powered by a lithium battery that can recharge in under …

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Systm Podcast: Underwater ROV

underwater rov

This weeks systm features underwater ROV’s.

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Homemade Nigerian Helicopter

homemade nigerian helicopter

24 Year old Nigerian physics student builds helicopter, using two cars.

Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi, seen here, a 24-year-old physics undergraduate in northern Nigeria, takes old cars and motorbikes to pieces in the back yard at home and builds his own helicopters from the parts

Read The …

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DIY RV Camper

DIY RV Camper

If this isn’t DIY, then I don’t know what is. This family set out to make a RV Camper on top of a fifth wheel trailer. Total cost to build this beautiful camper was only $9300!!

Concept Car: Lincoln Mark VIII With Folding Doors

Concept Car: Lincoln Mark VIII With Folding Doors

“Lincoln executives were concerned about the heavy and wide doors on the Mark VIII in the early 1990’s especially in large cities with tight parking spots. They were toying with the idea of a Mark VIII that had doors that disappeared beneath the car which would require no additional space for the doors …

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The Carver One

The Carver One

Design by a dutch company the Carver One is a engineering marvel. The technically two seat machine is balanced with a complicated control system called Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC) system. The system uses motors instead of gravity to tilt the vehicle based on speed and acceleration. The vehicle achieves a jet fighter type …

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DIY Hover Board Video

DIY Hover Board Video

This video of a hover board brings back memories of the old Back to The Future II movie. This guy made what is a small controllable hover craft, which seems to be controlled by a hand remote.

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