Laser Guided DIY Wrist Crossbow [WristBow]

The WristBow brings geeks comic book dreams to reality. For more information check out the projects website. Now only if their was a rotten apple to try it on.

Video: Homebuilt Saw Blade Slingshot

Slingshot guru takes it to the next level with a homemade slingshot that SHOOTS circular saw blades. The creator Joerg Sprave shows how his new weapon matches up to a common watermelon.

Star Wars: DIY Pulse Laser Gun MK II

German hacker Patrick Priebe puts together his amazing Pulse Laser gun. It is capable of shooting trough metal, plastic and wood. With a 70 hour manufacture time, it mike take him a while to build you one. [HackedGadgets]

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DIY Spud Gun

Learn to build yourself a giant potato gun. Spuds away!

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