Electronics 101: Solenoid Basics

Solenoids are a key component for turning electrical current into motion. Many DIY’s, makers and inventors alike often find themselves using these devices daily. Pinball fanatic and inventor Jeri Ellsworth breaks them down.

Phase Lock Loop 101

Jeri Ellsworth and Bil Herd discuss the basics of Phase Lock Loops (PLLs). PLL are a essential components in modern micro controllers.

PIR Activated Light Emitting Dress

Inventor Jeri Ellsworth puts together a simple circuit for a Light Emitting Dress. Activated by a PIR a simple delay circuit activates a set of LED’s embedded in the dress. The Electronics are housed and hidden in an old Instamatic camera.

Electronics: Basics of Batteries

Chip designer, inventor Jeri Ellsworth bring us a great video: A to Z of Electronics the basics of how batteries work.