Arduino Uno & Motor Shield Solar Tracker

Nice DIY solar tracker project using arduino uno, motor shield, 2 servo motors and 4 photocells. Looks like creator will email you the programming if you ask nicely.

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2 comments to Arduino Uno & Motor Shield Solar Tracker

  • Bret

    I have been trying to figure out how to make one of these trackers for a while myself but I have no experience in writing code. I have tried to use some other peoples written code that is supposed to be able to download but everyone of them fails to compile. Different people tell me they have had no trouble with the codes from many different pages on arduino tracker systems. I am lost on were to go from here. The circuit part is not any problem, but the coding gives me fits,I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. If anyone can email me a file that works, I would appreciate it very much. I need a code that will run a 2 axis system with a park option for when the ambient light drops during bad weather and goes to reset for the next day. I may also need an option for high wind with a sensor to level the array flat to take it out of the wind. I am going to continue working on this myself but any help would be a lot of help.

  • B Gerdes

    Your project looks cool!!
    I am doing something very similar for one of my courses at uni. I have all the hardware (Mega 2560, 2 x 360┬░servos, Motor shield, LDR’s) and have the framework set up already.
    I had all the components laser cut out of pine, according to drawings I made on inventor.
    I just need a code. Would you be able to assist me with this?

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