Video: The US Successfully Shoots Down A Dead Spy Satellite

The United States successfully shoots down disabled spy satellite full of highly toxic Hydrazine fuel. The rocket blew up the satellite shattering it into thousands of pieces no bigger then a toaster oven. The wreckage is to set to burn up in the atmosphere above Canada in the next few days.

Watch the …

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Short Range Personal Radar Project

Another great project from the guys over at Pyro Electro.

The idea to create a type of close proximity radar system came from a student in one of my classes. We went ahead and decided to streamline the idea into the course as one of the projects we’d build.

After a week …

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Building a Hydrogen Fuel Generator Cell UPGRADE

How to build a hydrogen fuel generator cell from household objects. Nice as an experiment but I don’t think you’re going to be powering your car with this method.

Building a Hydrogen Fuel Generator Cell

Build Hydrogen Generator Cell With Household ItemsFunny bloopers R us

Guitar Hero LED Light Mod

For all you guitar hero geeks, her is a cool mod that adds a light show as you rock out.


Video: Playing Tetris On A Oscilloscope

Funny video of some guys playing tetris on what looks like a oscilloscope.

Video: Electronic Tic-Tac-Toe

Electronic Tic-Tac-Toe demonstration.

DIY Motion Activated Silly String Shooter

This week on Systm, the guys over at Revision3 put together a motion activated silly string shooter. They used a common motion flood light to trigger the project. The project also used compressed air and a solenoid to press the silly string can. My only issue with this project, is that I …

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DIY Video: Cotton Candy Machine

With a can of dog food, a blender, a blowtorch and a power drill this guy was able to spin some cotton candy. Dangerous? Yes. Delicious? Also yes.

DIY High Altitude Balloon

My project launched a payload with GPS, camera, sensors and communications to an altitude of 30km. I obtained most parts ready years ago, but only recently had time to finish it.

High altitude ballooning is an emerging hobby, since price of GPS and communications equipment has gotten quite low. It is an excellent …

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