Bob’s Solar Project

solar setup

Solar home project blog by Bob Goodsell of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Bob writes about his experience installing and operating his home photovoltaic system. He is using shingle style solar panels that blend in with his existing shingles on his ranch style home. The main components of Bob’s project are listed below.

  • 84 Unisolar SHR-17 shingles (1428 watts), 12 series strings of 7 shingles each
  • Outback MX60 maximum power point tracking charge controller
  • Outback FX2548 2500 watt, 48 volt inverter
  • 8 Rolls-Surrette S-530 deep-cycle solar batteries (530 AH)

solar project house

Bob’s photovoltaic system is currently producing and average of 4.7 kwh per day of solar power. This is a good blog if you are interested in an alternative to the public power grid.

Read Bob’s Blog Here

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