Romance Pants with Lights Dimming Zipper

romance pants
With a pair of Romance Pants, the romantic atmosphere in your home is entirely clothing controlled. When the fly is pulled down, the lights dim and the stereo is turned up. When the belt buckle is opened, real candles are electronically ignited to provide the ultimate in technologically advanced romance.

How’d they do it? The belt buckle is connected to a wireless shield. The zipper is a potentiometer with conductive thread and there’s a waist button switch. The hacked candles are lit via a nichrome wire that was drilled in with only small bit sticking out and some match dust on the wick. The stereo’s remote was cloned via Arduino into an IR LED.

Watch the video for more details and to see it in action:

This project was made by Team Instructables for the Red Bull Creation Challenge. Now all you need is a potential lover. (via Make)

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