Tutorial: Salvaging and Rebuilding Microwave Transformers


Great step by step tutorial for salvaging then rebuilding a microwave oven transformer (MOT). Working on high wattage projects can be expensive, especially if you have to buy the transformer. This cost can be drastically cut down by salvaging a core off an old microwave oven and rebuilding it to your specifications. …

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BioLite Campstove Keep You Warm While Charging Your Phone


Wood as energy has been past by as a clean reliable and cheap fuel source. Biolite company introduces the Biolight campstove which can run off wood, twigs or any other dry combustible fuel found on the hiking trail. Its easy to start, runs clean and generating electricity to keep your gadgets charged.

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Modern Disco: Making Of The Laser Ball

Modern Disco: Making Of The Laser Ball

Modern day disco: Lighting geeks like me can appreciate this amazing project by Leone Labs dubbed “Laser Ball”. The premise, take a regular tennis ball, a few lasers, battery and a micro-controller put it all together — you get an amazing visual showcase that is sure to …

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Arduino Powered Etch A Sketch

Arduino Powered Etch A Sketch

Project “Etch Your Sketch” is an Arduino powered kit capable of reproducing on a standard Etch A Sketch. A .NET application converts the image to “black pixels” then sends a output of code to the Arduino. The Arduino, powers two stepper motors connected to the Etch A Sketch to reproduce a version …

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Worlds Smallest Manned Helicopter (Video)

Worlds Smallest Manned Helicopter (Video)

Wrap this around your brain — Worlds smallest manned helicopter GEN H-4 out of Japan.

75-year-old Gennai Yanagisawa, who runs an electronics equipment company in Matsumoto, central Japan, has created a 75kg (165-pound) one-man aircraft which sets the world record for the smallest helicopter.

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Documentary “Cut” Handmade Knifes


Raw sharpened steel – knife maker Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn talks about the human element of craft, and the potential for a skill to mature into an art.

Manned electric multicopter flight [Experimental]


German engineers have put a man in flight with this battery powered multicopter. The multiblade flying vehicle uses several propellers in order to achieve flight with a test pilot on board. [e-volo]

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Laser Guided DIY Wrist Crossbow [WristBow]


The WristBow brings geeks comic book dreams to reality. For more information check out the projects website. Now only if their was a rotten apple to try it on.

Electronics 101: Solenoid Basics


Solenoids are a key component for turning electrical current into motion. Many DIY’s, makers and inventors alike often find themselves using these devices daily. Pinball fanatic and inventor Jeri Ellsworth breaks them down.

Video: Power Laces That Work [Shoes]


Prototype for Power Laces 2 a working demo of whats to come. Power Laces started out as an electronic art project to enter into a online contest. A wildly popular Kickstarter project raised money to take them to the next level. Now they have completed a second version which incorporates the working …

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