PIR Activated Light Emitting Dress

Inventor Jeri Ellsworth puts together a simple circuit for a Light Emitting Dress. Activated by a PIR a simple delay circuit activates a set of LED’s embedded in the dress. The Electronics are housed and hidden in an old Instamatic camera.

Remote Control Your Dog On The Cheap

I’m not sure how PETA would feel about this, but being able to control you dog via remote would be amazing. Here Fido!

Video: Homebuilt Saw Blade Slingshot

Slingshot guru takes it to the next level with a homemade slingshot that SHOOTS circular saw blades. The creator Joerg Sprave shows how his new weapon matches up to a common watermelon.

H2 R/C Car Powered By Soda Cans (Video)

Some Spanish engineers have come up with a radio controlled car that is powered by soda can tabs. The dAlH2Orean H2 R/C Car is powered by aluminium. The tabs off soda cans are placed in the reaction chamber along with some sodium hydroxide. The reaction produces hydrogen which runs the car for …

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Video: Hacking and Cracking With Lifehacker

Lifehacker’s evil band of hackers take you on a tour of the dark side — Cracking Windows Passwords, Padlocks, and Wi-Fi.

The Making Of a Custom Steel Bicycle Frame

FROM STEEL: The Making of a Soulcraft — From start to finish, Sean Walling, owner of Soulcraft shows what it takes to make a custom steel bicycle frame. Machining, brazing, cutting, grinding, welding, sandblasting and powder coating are just some of the processes involved in his craft.

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Knock Off Samsung Hard Drive Fails In Promised Capacity

The old saying you get what you pay for proved true for this Russian man. The guy bought a Chinese knockoff 500GB Samsung hard drive to store movies. When he went to put a movie on the drive, only a small bit was saved each time. The guy takes the drive to …

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Made Simple: How Differential Gears Work

How Differential Gears work — Simple tutorial that take the mystery out of what is enclosed in your cars axles.

How To Make A Daft Punk Helmet

Harrison Krix a 28 year old Graphic Designer living in Atlanta shows how to make a real life replica of a Daft Punk Helmet. 17 months to make this gem. [Daft Punk]

Worst Automatic Garage Door Installation Ever – Video

When garage doors installation go bad, real bad: If this is not a violation of every electrical code, then what is?

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